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Helping You Find Your Way!

DSC_0731What: Find(ing) Your Way … Topical Mini-Sessions in Student Success

A series of scheduled workshop sessions are being offered to help you Find Your Way at WPCC this semester. These “Find Your Way” Workshops are designed to provide you valuable information and services that will help you pursue and achieve your academic goals. Workshops will be offered every Friday at 1 p.m. in Hildebrand Hall, Room 124 and will last approximately one hour.

To sign up, visit the Advising Center in Hildebrand Hall or call (828) 448-6046.

We look forward to seeing you at these workshops and hope you have a great Semester! Thanks for choosing WPCC!

When: Every Friday during Spring 2014 semester from January 17 to April 11 at 1 p.m.

Where: Hildebrand Hall, Room 124. Seating is limited to the first 20 registered students. Students can sign up
with Tamara Honea in the Advising Center.

Attendance Verification: Attendees will be asked to complete a brief survey after the workshop which will serve to verify their attendance should you need this info or agree to provide attendance as an extra credit opportunity for students.

Spring Semester 2014

  • January 17: From Speed Bumps to Road Maps -Plotting the Course for a Successful Semester
    Host: Daphne Martin, Student Services
  • January 24: In The Comfort of Your PJs -Best Apps/Games for Learning & Cyber-Tutoring Via the Net, for FREE!
    Host: Erin Cooper-Cook, Academic Success Center
  • January 31: Healthy Eating & Exercise On A Budget and A Busy Schedule
    Host: Tamara Honea, Student Services
  • February 7: Transfer Ready -Streamlining Your Transfer with a WPCC Associate’s Degree to a 4-Year Baccalaureate Program
    Host: Amanda Cooper, Transfer Counselor, Student Services
  • February 14: Gift Money: Educational Scholarships -Where to Find and How to Apply
    Host: Tonja Suttles, Financial Aid Counselor, Student Services
  • February 21: Happiness is a Choice! -Learning to Make it Happen
    Host: Vicki Holder, Career Counselor, Student Services
  • February 28: ****Faculty/Students Off -No Session
  • March 7: Road to Employment, Part 1: Job Search & Application Do’s & Don’ts
    Host: Sherry Vannoy, Student Services
  • March 14: Road to Employment, Part II: Cover Letter, Resume, & Interview Skills
    Host: Sherry Vannoy, Student Services
  • March 21: I Got the Job-YAY! -Now I Just Have to Keep it! How Practicing Professional Etiquette Will Make You More Successful in Your Career
    Host: Vicki Holder, Career Counselor, Student Services
  • March 28: Summer’s Coming- Family Fun (on a Budget)
    Host: Cindy Konarski, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator/Master Advisor
  • April4: You’ve Graduated, Welcome to the Real World-Transitioning to Work
    Host: Rakeem Rutherford, Advisor, Student Services
  • April11*: Dressing for Success (on a Budget)

*Last Mini-Session for the Spring 2014 Semester